Essay Writing Techniques

No matter what you write, there are specific essay writing techniques that should be followed in order to not get caught up in a “writer’s block” or truly making a bad job of whatever it is that you need to write. For example, of the different essay writing techniques, take writing for persuasion. The writers at are considered the very best writers, even for persuasion, as you will see.

Granted that means selling something via writing. But, the point is that there are very specific essay writing techniques to be utilized if one is trying to attain great persuasive writing. If you read about the persuasive essay writing techniques, you will find that they emphasize repetition of thoughts, consistency and stability, testimonials as a driving proof of the product’s efficacy, making comparisons, foretelling the future of the buyer, addressing objections, and finally helping the reader decide to agree with you!  Our expert writers know that combinations of those essay writing techniques can be utilized no matter what you are selling, whether it’s an idea, a product, an action or whatever, the point is that it works.

Some other essay writing techniques we employ are what can be called the “free thought process.” In effect it is just letting your mind wander and recording where it goes. This is the way that exceedingly imaginative writers write such as those who work with, utilize. That means that in effect they let their minds wander and then see where their imagination takes them. Clarification then takes place, and transitions are made, and eventually they have a rough draft to work with.

Other essay writing techniques can be summed up as question and answer methods. For instance the writer will write one simple sentence such as “veggies are good for you.” Then the writer will pretend that the comment has raised the question, “Why?” By working with the question and answer method, sometimes your subconscious will uncover something you truly wish to write about, even though it may not even have anything to do with vegetables.

Some essay writing techniques utilized by our writers involve transitional sentences. Going back to our example of “veggies are good for you,” the author may begin to list the vegetables that come to mind and adding transitions to each of those vegetables outlining what’s good about them, how to cook them, and so on. Then using transitional words such as also, likewise, accordingly, for example and other transitional words, the article or essay begins to flesh itself out, seemingly all by itself.

Not all writing techniques work for all instances, of course. For example essay writing techniques for writing short stories are entirely different. The writer will want to create an engaging visualization in that case. Our writers say that you may find inspiration in looking at paintings, and then begin to describe what you see. Naturally you will want to use dialogue to carry forth the story and establish your characters. Finally short stories lend themselves very well to essay writing techniques that deal with real life, detailing something that really happened to you or the character you wish to write about.

Some of our own writers at like to use brainstorming as part of their essay writing techniques that they hold in reserve. Brainstorming is very similar to the free thought process mentioned above, in that they begin with only one thought, then freely associate that one thought with other thoughts, but writing all the time. They are so good at it that they can keep this up for at least 15 minutes, and then see what they have wrought!