consumer behaviour

Pitch the importance of consumer behaviour to an organisation of your choosing.

Imagine that you are a consumer insights manager. You work for a research organisation that collects all the information about consumer behaviour

that we have discussed in this subject (e.g. their decision making process, internal and external influences). Your role is to pitch your product

(consumer behaviour insights) to a potential client and demonstrate the value of the information you have collected.

You will do this through a Report (Assignment 3) explaining the merits of consumer behaviour and identifying a problem or opportunity within the

organisation that can be solved using consumer behaviour insights. This will then be followed by a Presentation (Assignment 4) where you present a

campaign to address the issue / opportunity you identify in the report.

Part A: Report (2000 Words)

Prepare a report outlining three things
1) What is consumer behaviour? (Use academic sources to support your claims).
2) Why an understanding of consumer behaviour is important for organisations (using examples from academic research and industry to support

your claims).
3) Identifying an organisation of interest (this may be an organisation you admire and / or would like to work for).
a. Create a consumer profile for the primary and secondary markets they target (based on information gathered from credible sources e.g. ABS).
b. Identify an issue they could solve using insights into consumer behaviour (justify your choice).

Step 1: Research theory and marketing practice

Conduct research to enable you to answer address the first two points of the report. 1) what is consumer behaviour and 2) why is understanding

consumer behaviour important for organisations.

Step 2: Your chosen organisation

Identify an organisation of interest (this may be an organisation you admire and / or would like to work for). Conduct research that will allow you

to profile their primary and secondary target audiences and to identify and issue / opportunity in the organisation that could be solved through the

use of consumer behaviour information.

Step 3: Sources and Referencing

You are expected to use at least 6 academic sources for this assignment
Create a reference list using APA 6th style and make sure all of the articles that you have cited in the report are included in the list.

The objective of this assessment is for students to demonstrate their ability to:
• Demonstrate broad reading around subject content
• Predict consumer behaviour using relevant models \
• Apply consumer behaviour theory to real life situations
• Apply consumer behaviour theory to marketing strategy
• Communicate the nature and function of consumer behaviour in the market place


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