Essay on Management

December 19, 2017
December 19, 2017


Essay on Management
Use the Team and Self Evaluation Rubric below for specific grading criteria for this assignment.

Prepare a persuasive e-mail to your instructor that offers detailed feedback about your own contributions and performance on the Team Analytical Report, as well as that of your peers. Your e-mail should include detailed, specific feedback and be written with good attention to grammar and spelling. You will submit via Assignments, not actually send via e-mail, so just compose the e-mail in a Word document using the same format and style you would in e-mail. A title page is not necessary.

First, reflect on individual team members’ assigned and agreed-to tasks, and how each team member actually fulfilled those responsibilities during the course of this team project. List each team member by name and then give a detailed analysis of his or her performance. “Pats on the back” are in order to everyone on your team who followed through, as each one promised to do. Likewise, suggestions for improvement should be included for team members who did not fulfill their responsibilities. What final suggestions might you offer, as tweaks to take this report one step closer to perfection? As always, please be specific, honest…but not brutal, in your feedback. Finally, what did YOU contribute? Did you keep your promises? What successes did you have? What problems did you encounter? Evaluate your own performance on this team. What grade would you give yourself and why – bring your persuasive skills to the forefront here as you reflect on your contributions.

These evaluations will be considered when assigning final grades for the project. This assignment is confidential and will not be shared with your team members unless you choose to share it with them.

Team and Self Evaluation Persuasive E-mail Assignment Rubric
**Please note that grading is at instructor discretion. Severe problems in ANY of the categories below may result in an additional lowering of your final grade on the assignment. Plagiarism will result in a zero.
Assignment Components Instructor Comments
E-mail is persuasive, professional, well written and formatted

E-mail gives detailed descriptions and evaluations of all team member’s contributions

E-mail is free of grammatical, spelling, and/or punctuation errors.
Team role and description of what duties this role entails:
Team Leader-Catherine-roles include making sure teamwork is complete and turned in. Throughout the Team Analytical Report process, as a team leader had to communicate with my team on a daily basis such as sending out group texts messages, emails, and placing phone calls to ensure everyone was working on their assigned task and making sure everything was complete for submission
Grammar Expert-Michael-roles include proofreading all drafts and making sure sentences are appropriately structured. From my point view, Michael did not fulfill his as a Grammar Expert, for once he did not proofread any the report that we submitted on file exchange because Michael did not have enough time to complete his writing on time. Per our team deadline, Michael was late completing his assigned tasks. Michael collected data topic was Legality, and ethical issues related to monitoring and surveillance and his Additional Research-based writing was Recommendations, ◦Conclusion, two original visuals. Although Michael assigned writing task was completed, however, you can tell in SafeAssign that his writing was rushed.

Time Management Expert-Michelle-roles include making sure all deadlines are being met for the team project. Also updates team on due dates for the timeline. As a time management expert Michelle did a great job fulfilling her role. Aside from the original deadline that was created for this project, Michelle created an additional team deadline which was one-day head of the original deadline just to ensure everyone met the deadline without stressing out. She was also sending text messages to an updated team on due date and time. Collected data topic Michelle was assigned to was Legality, and ethical issues related to monitoring and surveillance and her Additional Research-based writing was Methods Limitations ◦Qualifications Abstract. Michelle completed both writing assignments on time without any problem.
APA Expert- Brandon-roles include examining all drafts and making sure they are in APA format. The role also includes making sure the References page is in proper APA format as well. As an APA Expert, Brandon did an exceptional at putting the team references page together. It is not easy task formatting every reference in proper APA format especially when the references are over 20 counts coming from different team members. Brandon assigned collected data topic was Effects that teamwork has on increasing productivity and his Additional Research-based writing was Purpose Audience ◦Scope. Brandon was always the first person to completed both writing assignments and had it posted on team file. I would like to thank Brandon for helping throughout this project. Beginning of this project, I had a problem with understanding the Team Analytical Report. However, Brandon was very supported responding to all my text messages when I had any question.



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