Clinical Mental Health Counseling

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December 19, 2017
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December 19, 2017

Discussion Posting: Chapter 14 of your textbook discusses principles to resolve ethical decisions.

What do you think would be proper behavior or plan of action of the career counselor in one of the scenarios provided? Choose the scenario that best aligns with the population you hope to work with in the future:

Clinical Mental Health Counseling:

A career counselor, Martha, works in private practice setting. Martha has been working with a client who has just graduated from college who is trying to decide what she would like to do after college graduation. She is weighing two options: taking a part-time job while she applies to graduate school to earn her masters degree to become an art teacher or take a full-time job offer as an administrative assistant in a law office. You are working with her for two sessions when her father calls you. His daughter has shared that she is seeing you for career counseling and dad wants to know what has been discussed. He also shares that he wants you to convince her to take the job at the law office.

School Counseling:

A school counselor has reservations about providing information about military service. The father of the student client, who the counselor knows to be caring and concerned, asks the counselor about giving his child information about military service as a means to mature and live up to the child’s high potential. The counselor knows the child has high potential but lacks self-discipline. The counselor tends to agree with the father but questions the military as a source of that discipline.

In your post discuss the role of ethics as they pertain to career counseling. Include some discussion of a decision-making model, the role of values in the decision-making process, or an ethical principle for resolving this challenge. Conclude with your decision or plan of action as the counselor in this scenario.

Initial Post: You are required to make an initial original post and at least three original peer response posts. You should make sure your initial post thoroughly addresses all parts of the discussion questions. Include citations and references where appropriate in APA format. You may utilize the text, learning resources, and other scholarly literature to support your discussion.

To earn maximum points, postings should be evenly distributed throughout the discussion period reflecting participation from start to finish. Respond to at least 3 classmates by day 5 with substantive responses and support these responses with references. You may respond to a colleague prior to your initial post deadline.


Remember: All postings should be appropriate, using proper language, cordiality, grammar, and punctuation. All citations and references must be in APA style.

Points: 60 points


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