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There are a minimum of twelve discussion topics for each discussion period. For each period, participate and engage in LEAST FIVE DISCUSSIONS and do so in TWO DIFFERENT WAYS.??
1. Post your response to the "CIVILIZATION DISCUSSION QUESTION".
Our Humanities Class covers cultural heritage. Is this cultural heritage necessary for civilization to thrive and flourish or is this aspect of civilization something that is just "nice" after other needs are met?
Your respond:
2. Post your respond to Citra Khalil : “Cultural heritage is important for future generations. Without cultural heritage, people would not feel socially connected, which can hamper their psychological development. Cultural heritage provides a support system where people who have similar belief systems and experiences provide guidance to younger generations. Without this guidance, there would lack unity among people. Tension would occur because of the differing ideologies and directions among people who live near each other.”
What is an aspect of modern culture where visual representations tell stories that are more important or more powerful than the written or oral word? (Once mentioned, it can’t be repeated in an original posting.)

2. Post your respond to Anya Katzoffchecchi
“An aspect of modern culture where visual representations are more important or more powerful than the written or oral word is Graffiti. The powerful commentary of socio-econinomic status that a culture is experiencing can be seen by hundreds and thousand of people in the form of large murals and artfully rendered "wall-art" that is known as graffiti. Often in modern times graffiti is considered to be a form of vandalism because this "art form" is done on private property and is done against the wishes of of the owner. Regardless of what we believe is right or wrong graffiti is a powerful tool for a culture to tell its story to the masses. When graffiti is done by a talented artist it can be very beautiful as well. I have seen some amazing works of art done on freeway overpasses and subway trains. The fact that these modern day cave paintings are so accessible and often strikingly beautiful that they have more of an impact on what a culture experiences than pieces of art hanging on museum walls. So many people in our society have rarely, if ever, been to a museum in their lives. The sheer numbers of people that are exposed to everyday is, in my opinion, the main reason that they are more powerful than the written or oral word.“

1. Post your response to the "PREHISTORY DISCUSSION QUESTION"
Fiero writes "the study of history before the the appearance of written records, an enterprise that originated in France around 1860, is called prehistory." Is this a good definition of prehistory? If so, why? If not, why not?
3. Post your respond to Basia Miguel
“Yes, I think this is a good definition of prehistory. Most people think about history as being all events or facts that took place and were documented, rather than thinking about all the events that occurred before they were written in books, records etc.
History dates way back to the beginning of time when men lived in caves, had no tools and had to live off the land. Most of these events were not documented because there were no means of documenting these said same events but this doesn’t mean that history didn’t take place before. On the contrary, history was well occurring and had great significance, some of which we would not even know because of the fact that they were not documented. For some people, unless they can see something documented, they wouldn’t consider it history, when there is such a rich, vast history before written records. “

1. Post your response to
The Egyptians has a process for preparing the dead for the afterlife. The ritual took time. Do we in the United States speed up the grieving process and not give it respect? What are your thoughts? (See Mourning Process section within Egyptian module.)

2. Post your respond to Rudy Alvarez
“ I truly feel that here in the United States the Grieving process is rather quick. I know at my job, we only get three days of bereavement if it’s local, and five days if it’s out of state. The fact that the Egyptians ritual took some time, leads me to believe that the truly respected the dead and the afterlife. We are all different when it comes to grieving a loved one. It takes time to "get over it" as they say, but some people can mourn and jump right back into their routines in no time. I don’t know if it’s lack of respect, what I do know is grieving is done in many different ways.”


1. Post your response to the "Pyramid Discussion Question"
Where can you find representations of the pyramid in Los Angeles — or your town? Think small representations and large architectural representations. What does your selection symbolize?

2. Post your respond to Citra Khalil
“ In my opinion, the Walter pyramid at Cal State Long Beach represents the grandiosity and power of the university. The Walter Pyramid is a hub for many athletic events. It is a place for gathering and sharing school spirit. Moreover, it is a place to honor the school by attending such events. Just like the pyramids of the ancient Egyptians, students respect this central area of the campus.”





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